note to my two readers.

First, all three of us are well aware that most blogs are ever only solely for the ego-invested purposes of their authors. This precarious state of being holds strong until that Starbucks endorsement comes through to make it all legit. Then one can attempt to dominate the entitled mommy or fake hipster homesteader blog scene. (See dooce + Pioneer Woman.)

We get it. It’s fine.

You may have noticed that my blog hasn’t cracked that particular code yet but the tipping point is near – I can feel it! But for a time now, this small slice of the interwebs has been a holding tank for my publications over the years, most consistently in Neighborhood Notes, with an occasional rant about how much people suck or how and why I could do it, any of it, better.

Recently, due to no fault of my own, I’ve been inspired to actually walk my talk. To write more creatively and less sales*y. To resurrect old stories, craft new musings, concoct simple tales that take me away from my day job of writing primarily marketing copy for some really fun clients and projects. A few current faves – Junot Diaz, Sherman Alexie, Matthew Inman, the whip-smart writers and editors at University of Hell Press, all those open-hearted, bold poets at Portland Poetry Slam, the Schools&Arts Together campaign I’ve been working on for well over a year, my pal Katie who blogged her way through auto mechanics school and an electrician’s apprenticeship, and yes, even a few of my curious clients – have all inspired and/or encouraged me to write my own stuff sans fear or filter.*

I have a four nights of bad dreams, I write about it.  I find scribbles in an old, tattered notebook, more words pop up here. Stories swirling in my head for years? Type*y type. Going through old, moldy letters in the basement. Nostalgic triggers. Photos from days gone by. My mourning heart. The tick-tock of life’s relentless clock. All to be channeled. All fodder. From and for me. And, the two of you, if you care. But, honestly, I’m not too concerned with that part at this stage of the game.

So, that’s what I’m up to.

And, I’m gonna try to make the posts pretty, too. Like this: (Sorry interwebs – I spaced on the source of this. Epic fail.)

stretching, arc*ing, klimt-like.

*It’s why I’m singing so much with Flash + Splinter pals, too. So there.

note to my two readers.

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